August 27th 2019: fog applications paper

August 27th 2019: All the FogGuru students plus a few others worked together on surveying current and future fog computing applications, and the requirements they put on the fog platforms. The result is a great article which is now available as a pre-print:

Fog Computing Applications: Taxonomy and Requirements. Arif Ahmed, HamidReza Arkian, Davaadorj Battulga, Ali J. Fahs, Mozhdeh Farhadi, Dimitrios Giouroukis, Adrien Gougeon, Felipe Oliveira Gutierrez, Guillaume Pierre, Paulo R. Souza Jr, Mulugeta Ayalew Tamiru, and Li Wu. arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.11621, July 2019.


March 29th 2019: best demonstration award at EBDT 2019

The paper on Transparent Record and Replay of Sensor Data in the Internet of Things received the Best Demonstration award at the prestigious EBDT 2019 conference. Congratulations fo Dimitrios, Felipe and their co-authors!


March 5th 2019: new Publications page

To celebrate the second FogGuru publication we created a new Publications page. Note: our first publication was great as well!

Sept. 18-20th 2018: Project boot camp

The FogGuru Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have now arrived so we organized an amazing Boot Camp to get them started. The Boot camp gathered all FogGuru’s Early Stage Researchers, their supervisors and the project’s partners around technical and soft skills sessions as well as team building and social events, such as visiting the Mont Saint Michel.

It gave the ESRs the opportunity not only to present their PhD’s subject and get to know each other, but also to attend technical sessions about fog computing, cloud resource management and stream processing, a 2-hours workshop on the Business Model Canvas, time management and how to pitch anything.


ESRs were divided in 2 groups to participate to a team building exercise, which consisted in pitching an imaginary but very inventive Fog-aware banana case and a goldfish stroller, in front of a jury. The jury decided to award both teams for their pitches since both of them were very convincing!



Sept. 8th 2017: Project kick-off

The FogGuru project has officially started! For more information, read the press release
The FogGuru team