DAVAADORJ BATTULGA, can you tell us where you come from?

I am from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia where I received my bachelor’s degree, and a first work experience. I have also studied, and worked in South Korea until recently. Now I started my PhD at the University of Rennes 1 with Cédric Tedeschi, and receiving my industrial training from U-Hopper Srl with Daniele Miorandi. I now live in Trento, Italy which is quiet town, small and beautiful, not crowded, surrounded by beautiful nature.

What did you do before being recruited in FogGuru? What’s your academic background?

Before joining the FogGuru project, I have been working as a full stack developer, and a research engineer at WikiSecurity, which was specialized in providing IT security solutions. I completed my Bachelor of Software engineering in National University of Mongolia in 2012, and received my Master in Computer and Information Engineering from INHA University in the Security Research Lab in 2017.

Why did you choose to apply to a FogGuru’s position?

The FogGuru project was a perfect opportunity for me because the topic was very interesting, and I was already familiar with it.

“It is a PhD position where I can collaborate with and learn from the professionals, and sharpen both my industrial and academic skills. Also by participating in this project, I strongly believe that we can make an innovation in the Cloud computing field, and contribute to society.”

What’s your PhD subject about?

My PhD research topic is on creating scalable data pipelines in fog computing environments. The objectives are to design, prototype and experimentally validate a data pipeline for the processing of IoT-generated data on a fog computing infrastructure. The data pipeline will expose a set of APIs enabling the quick development and deployment of IoT-driven smart city services, and will be used in the Valencia Living Lab.

What are you planning to do after obtaining your PhD?

My short-term plan after PhD is to become an expert in Fog & Cloud Computing, and work in an R&D department in the industry, where I can offer my skills and interest. In the long-term I’m planning to become an entrepreneur, and continue making an effort to the public.