FELIPE OLIVEIRA GUTIERREZ comes from São Paulo in Brazil, but he also lived in Salvador and Recife. Most of his life he has worked in the industry as a software engineer. Since 2013, when he finished his Master degree in Distributed System at Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), he has contributed in the industry mainly by working in research teams which developed innovative technologies to customers, through which he has published a couple of papers related to high-performance computing, storage, and resource management in cloud computing.

During his Master degree and afterwards, when he was in the industry (Informatic Center – CIn), he had the opportunity to work with teams of software engineers who were always striving to use the latest technologies available and always comparing their work with the current state of the art in cloud computing. The teams were composite of Master and PhD students and a couple of university professors which divided their time between academy and industry. “This environment was always the key motivation to keep me willing to give my best on this field. One characteristic that comes very naturally from me was that I am a builder which is very related to the industry.”

Moreover, he always wanted the scientific bias from his Master studies to go along with his professional life. Thus, besides refining his software engineer skills, Felipe wanted to focus on advancing the state of the art of Fog computing with distributed systems.

Felipe’s PhD subject is about the optimization of data stream frameworks in an environment under variable traffic conditions.

“It is already known that transferring computation where data is located is a very good optimization strategy not only for Fog computing. In this path, I aim to explore environments composed of nodes which vary their resource capabilities (i.e., memory, storage, and network) and thus affecting the data processed by them which potentially generating data skewed.”

It is not easy for Felipe to define very specifically what he will be doing after the FogGuru project. “For sure any decision that I will make will be affected by the good people that I will work on this project. I believe that as more that I share my work with others it will better materialize in my professional path. Among all possibilities that will open I strongly believe that my passion will continue to be a better software engineer with high emphasis in software architecture specifically related to BigData, Cloud and (of course) Fog Computing.”