Research program

FogGuru contributes to the rapidly emerging domain of fog computing with technologies for managing application resources, middlewares for easing the development of innovative applications, and application blueprints to demonstrate how these technologies can provide tangible benefits to the European citizens.

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Hack the fog!

Hack the fog!

Would you like to learn about a brand-new fog computing platform and prototype an innovative fog computing application? Join us on March 26-28th 2021 for the FogGuru’s hackathon and use your programming skills to design the most innovative application and win one of three Picoclusters.

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March 30th 2021:  63 participants from 10 countries around the world have competed during the FogGuru’s hackathon Hack the Fog! An application that detects sedimentation on the seabed of La Marina de València is a winner of Hack the Fog! The 2nd and 3rd prizes were been won by two apps that offer information about La Marina – time, traffic, etc.- to visitors and to restaurants in the area, as well as useful data to limit people’s access in time of COVID.

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