Two early-stage researchers working on their LoRa+Fog prototype
Two early-stage researchers working on their LoRa+Fog platform demo.

Living labs are spaces for the coordination, research, design and validation of innovation projects. They are meant to seek for new technological innovations, methodologies or new combination of elements which could lead into an innovations adapted to people and society.

The FogGuru Living Lab aims to bring innovative Fog Computing technologies developed by the project’s early-stage researchers out of the lab and to apply them to a real use-case with technological as well as societal impact.

First use-case (nov 2019-may 2020): fog computing technologies for smart water management

This use case aims to develop Fog Computing technologies based on the LoRa wireless networking technology to process smart water meter data as close as possible to their source. This reduces the pressure on the long-distance network, and allows the system to keep processing data even in case of a network failure [read more].

Opening and welcome words.

Introduction to Fog computing and the FogGuru project.

FogGuru technologies for smart water management.

Second use-case (Sep 2020 – Mar 2021): IoT FabLab at La Marina de València

This use case aims to deploy numerous IoT devices with a fog computing platform at La Marina de València, and to design an open space where anyone – students, entrepreneurs, citizens – may learn how to develop fog computing applications to process the available data, and invent innovative applications making use of this infrastructure [read more].

Presentation of the use case at La Marina de València.

The IoT FabLab.