The objective of this project is to design, prototype and experimentally validate a data pipeline for the processing of IoT-generated data on a distributed fog computing infrastructure. The data pipeline will be build using open source tools and stacks (e.g., Apache Kafka, Flink, Redis etc.), properly tailored to match the constraints and peculiarities of fog computing infrastructures. The data pipeline will expose a set of APIs enabling the quick development and deployment of IoT-driven smart city services, and will be used in the Valencia Living Lab. The validation will include lab and field experiments aimed at assessing the performance in terms of latency and ability to handle massive data flows.

Expected results

  • Detailed architectural specifications of a scalable data pipeline solution running on top of fog computing infrastructures
  • A prototypical implementation thereof, making use of state-of-art big data technologies (e.g., Kafka, Flink, Redis), modified wherever necessary to profit from the edge cloud computing peculiarities and purposefully integrated.
  • A complete validation of the aforementioned prototype by testing and experimenting on a real-life deployment.



U-Hopper is a research-intensive high-tech SME, headquartered in the Trentino area, Italy, providing big data-enabled solutions and technologies for the government, retail and marketing sectors, U-Hopper builds its solutions on the concept of fully exploiting the information and knowledge hidden in the enormous amount of data that can be collected using mobile devices and Internet-of-Things technology. Using cutting-edge data mining techniques and data analytics tools, U-Hopper solutions enable customers to identify and extract relevant patterns, with applications to a variety of domains, including mobile advertising, environmental monitoring in-store analytics and citizen-centric participatory services.

Planned secondments

14 months at Université de Rennes 1 (France); 7 months at Las Naves (Valencia, Spain).


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